Wordle today: What is the answer for May 11th and what is the meaning?


ordle is a word game that challenges players to guess the five letter word of the day.

The web game has taken the world by storm since being launched last October, with thousands of people playing every day.

Welsh software engineer Josh Wardle first created a prototype of the game in 2013, but returned to it in January 2021 and worked on it during lockdown with his partner Palak Shah.

At first, only Wardle’s family played the game, but Wordle was released to a wider audience in October 2021–and its popularity snowballed, becoming a global phenomenon.

Wardle then sold the game to The New York Times in January “for an undisclosed price in the low-seven figures.”

But the essence of the game has remained the same since the sale–and it’s as addictive as ever.

Be aware that there are spoilers ahead!

How to play Wordle

First, head to www.nytimes.com/games/wordle. You’ll find a blank grid, a keyboard, and a list of rules.

The aim of the game is to guess the five letter word in six guesses or fewer–and the fewer guesses you make, the better.

Every guess you make must be a valid five letter word, so you can’t just guess random letters.

When you make your guess, the letters will turn one of three colors: grey, yellow, or green.

If the letter is grey, it means it’s not in the word. This letter will also be grayed out on the keyboard.

If the letter is yellow, it means it is in the word, but in a different position. If the letter is green, it means you’ve guessed the right letter in the right position.

Keep guessing until all letters turn green and you reveal the correct word.

There is a new word to guess every day, and while some are fairly common (April’s words included “cheek” and “royal”, for example) others have been controversial (knoll, anyone?)

Find out below what the answer to today’s Word is, long with its definition. If you haven’t played Wordle yet today: spoiler warning!

There is a new Wordle word to guess every day.

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May 11th Word answer

The Wordle answer for May 11th is “stuffing.”

Farce meaning

Farce is a noun that Merriam-Webster defines as “a savory stuffing,” “a light dramatic composition marked by broadly satirical comedy and improbable plot,” “the broad humor characteristic of farce” or “an empty or patently ridiculous act, proceeding, gold situation.”

Synonyms for farce include caricature, cartoon, joke, mockery, parody, sham, or travesty.

As a verb, farce means to stuff to “to improve or expand (something, such as a literary work) as if by stuffing.”

Merriam-Webster explains the origin of the word farce, and says: “When farce first appeared in English, it had to do with cookery, not comedy. In the 14th century, English adopted farce from Middle French with its original meaning of ‘forcemeat’ or ‘stuffing.’

“The comedic sense of farce in English dates from the 16th century, when English imported the word again, this time to refer to a kind of knockabout comedy already popular in France. This dramatic genre had its origins in the 13th-century practice of augmenting, or ‘stuffing,’ Latin church texts with explanatory phrases.

“By the 15th century, a similar practice had arisen of inserting unscripted buffoonery into religious plays. Such farces—which included clowning, acrobatics, reversal of social roles, and indecency—soon developed into a distinct dramatic genre and spread rapidly in various forms throughout Europe.”


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