Rewinding Oregon baseball’s 8-5 loss to Louisville in NCAA Regional semifinal

Oregon lost to No. 12 seed Louisville, 8-5, in an NCAA Regional semifinal today at Patterson Stadium.

The season ends for the Ducks (36-25), which lost to Michigan and defeated Southeast Missouri State earlier in the Regional.

The Cardinals (40-19-1) advance to face Michigan in the Regional final at 1 pm

Below are live updates of today’s game.


Top: Gavin Grant (1-2, BB) pops out to second. Tanner Smith (1-3, K, RBI) strikes out. Colby Shade (2-2, 2G, 2 R, SAC, BB) strikes out.


Top: Colby Shade (1-1, 2G, R, SAC, BB) singles to center. Brennan Milone (0-3) singles to left center, should’ve been a double. Drew Cowley (1-3, RBI) flies out to left. Josh Kasevich (0-3, K) RBI single up the middle, 7-3 Louisville. Tate Kuehner relieves Michael Prosecky. Runners advance on wild pitch. Anthony Hall (1-3, K) rips a 1-2 pitch for a 2-run ground-rule double, 7-5 Louisville. Josiah Cromwick (0-3, GIDP) strikes out. Sam Novitske (1-2, BB, R) flies out to center.

Bottom: Rio Britton takes over for Kolby Somers. Levi Usher (1-2, 2 R, SB, BB) walks. Usher advances on a wild pitch. RJ Gordon in for Britton. Cameron Masterman (1-2, HR, 2 RBI, R, SAC) walks. Isaac Humphrey (1-3) sacrifice bunt. Logan Beard (1-2, SAC, 2B, RBI, R) works a walk from down 0-2, bases loaded. Ben Bianco (1-3, K, RBI, CS) strikes out. Christian Knapczyk (1-4, 2G, R, 2K) RBI single to short, 8-5 Louisville. Ben Metzinger (1-4, 2B) flies out to center.


Top: Sam Novitske (1-1, BB, R) grounds out to short. Gavin Grant (1-1, BB) pops up to the pitcher. Tanner Smith (1-3, K, RBI) flies out to left.

Bottom: Christian Knapczyk (1-3, 2G, R, K) strikes out. Ben Metzinger (1-3, 2B) grounds out to short. Dalton Rushing (0-2, BB, SB) solo home run to right, 7-2 Louisville. Jack Payton (0-2, RBI, BB, R) grounds out to third.


Top: Josh Kasevich (0-2) strikes out. Anthony Hall (0-2, K) singles up the middle. Josiah Cromwick (0-2) grounds into 6-4-3 double play.

Bottom: Jack Payton (0-2, RBI) walks. Levi Usher (1-2, R, SB) walks. Kolby Somers relieves Andrew Mosiello. Cameron Masterman (1-2, HR, 2 RBI, R) sacrifice bunt, runners to second and third. Isaac Humphrey (1-2) flies out to left. Kolby Somers called for a balk, 4-2 Louisville. Logan Beard (0-1, SAC) RBI doubles, 5-2 Louisville. Ben Bianco (0-2, K) RBI singles, 6-2 Louisville. Bianco caught stealing.


Top: Sam Novitske (1-1) walks. Gavin Grant (1-1) flies out to left center, great by Levi Usher at the wall, but pitch is called a balk and moves Novitske to second. Grant walks, Novitske takes third on wild pitch. Michael Prosecky relieves Carson Liggett. Tanner Smith (1-2, K) reaches on RBI fielder’s choice 4-6, 3-2 Louisville. Colby Shade (1-1, 2G, R, SCA) walks. Brennan Milone (0-2) lines out to center. Drew Cowley (1-2, RBI) grounds out to second.

Bottom: Andrew Mosiello relieves Jace Stoffal. Christian Knapczyk (1-2, 2B, R) strikes out. Ben Metzinger (1-2, 2B) flies out to center. Dalton Rushing (0-1, BB, SB) grounds out to short.


Top: Josh Kasevich (0-1) grounds out to third. Anthony Hall (0-1, K) grounds out to second. Josiah Cromwick (0-1) flies out to center.

Bottom: Jack Payton (0-1, RBI) lines out to third. Levi Usher (0-1) singles to right. Usher steals second. Cameron Masterman (0-1) two-run home run, 3-1 Louisville. Isaac Humphrey (0-1) singles left. Logan Beard (0-1) sacrifice. Humphrey to third on a wild pitch. Ben Bianco (0-1) strikes out.


Top: Gavin Grant bunt single. Tanner Smith (0-1, K) singles to right. Colby Shade (1-1, 2G, R) sacrifice bunt, runners to second and third. Brennan Milone (0-1) reaches on fielder’s choice 5-2-5-1, Milone to second. Drew Cowley (1-1, RBI) flies out to right.

Bottom: Ben Bianco popped out to second. Christian Knapczyk (1-1, 2B, R) grounds out to second. Ben Metzinger (0-1) doubles to right center. Dalton Rushing (0-0, BB, SB) flies out to center.


Top: Anthony Hall strikes out. Josiah Cromwick flies out to left. Sam Novitske flies out to right.

Bottom: Cameron Masterman grounds out to third. Isaac Humphrey grounds out to third. Logan Beard grounds out to short.


Top: Tanner Smith strikes out. Colby Shade doubles to left center. Brennan Milone flies out to left center. Drew Cowley RBI single to right, 1-0 Oregon. Shade is shaken up after slide at home but appears OK. Josh Kasevich grounds into fielder’s choice 6-4.

Bottom: Christian Knapczyk doubles to right center. Ben Metzinger grounds out to short, runner to third. Dalton Rushing walks. Rushing steals second, slide knocks into Gavin Grant’s glove to knock ball free. Jack Payton RBI groundout 6-3, tied at 1. Levi Usher flies out to right.

Oregon line-up

Tanner Smith LF

Colby Shade CF

Brennan Milone DH

Drew Cowley 1B

Josh Kasevich SS

Anthony Hall RF

Josiah Cromwick C

Sam Novitske 3B

Gavin Grant 2B

Jace StoffalP

Louisville line-up

Christian Knapczyk SS

Ben Metzinger 3B

Dalton Rushing DH

Jack Payton C.

Levi Usher CF

Cameron Masterman LF

Isaac Humphrey RF

Logan Beard 2B

Ben Bianco 1B

Carson Liggett P

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