The ‘Destiny 2’ Season Of The Haunted Economy Does Not Really Work

Seemingly, all the pieces are in place for a great season of Destiny 2. The Leviathan is back, and we never get patrol spaces as part of a new season. Nightmare Containment is a fun, large-scale activity on the ship. The Sever missions have great story beats and fun fights.

And yet, why does it seem like a bit of a drag? Like it doesn’t fully add up?

It’s the economy, I think, after grinding the season hard for two weeks now.

The way the system is set up to try and get loot from the season is just…wrong. It’s weighted too heavily in one area and not heavily enough in another. Here’s what I mean:

There are two main currencies this season, Opulent Umbral Energy and Vestiges of Dread.

Vestiges of Dread you will be drowning in very quickly. Why? Well, you get 240 per activity completion in things like playlists, plus bonuses from kills and such. And the only place to spend them is at the end of a Tier 3 Nightmare Containment run, which will get you some loot and a small amount of Opulent Umbral Energy. Most players will find themselves permanently capped at 2,500, yet there is an entire row of the Crown of Sorrow upgrade table devoted to somehow getting more Vestiges of Dread, which I can’t imagine anyone wants.

On the other side is Opulent Umbral Energy which in effect, only comes from Nightmare Containment. You get 7 from a full completion, 9 after an upgrade, and you have to farm a rare drop from Containment that allows you to open a chest in Sever to get more Umbral Energy. But these are literally the only sources.

This is a problem because focusing Umbral Engrams this season costs 27 Umbral Energy, which is 3-4 full runs of Nightmare Containment for a single focus. And since everyone’s goal is to craft weapons, and red border patterns are no more than a 10-20% drop rate (if not 5-10%), that’s hundreds of Umbral Energy you’ll need to perhaps even get a single 5 pattern crafted weapon going. And the only place you can farm this material is Nightmare Containment. It’s no wonder that players are burning out on the activity which yes, otherwise, would be pretty fun. When it’s the only thing you can run to get currency, that’s the main problem.

Simply put, there are too many sources of Vestiges of Dread which are only spent in a single place. There are not enough sources of Opulent Umbral energy, and the sources that do award it do not give enough. It is extremely weird to play through playlist activities and get 1) Vestiges of Dread, where I’m almost always capped already and 2) Risen Umbral Energy from last season.

What I would do? Buff Opulent Umbral Energy drops from Sever and Nightmare Containment at baseline. And either award some energy on playlist completion, or randomly through kills at times. It’s probably too late to change the Crown of Sorrow upgrades, but just that entire middle row is useless because of how abundant Vestiges are in the first place. Whole system needs some work.

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