Housing market is strong but now might be the time to sell

The Florida and national housing market remain very strong by every metric, but the overall health of the United States economy, inflation worries, interest rate hikes, and the downward spiral of many investment markets are starting to create some goals in the housing forecast long- term.

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The overall economy will affect housing especially with regard to increased interest rates, but through the first quarter of 2022, housing has been very resilient.

In March, by the United States Census Bureau, United States housing starts hit an annual seasonal rate of 1,873,000 which was 0.4% higher than February, and 6.7% above the previous year.

Within those numbers, single-family homes cooled by almost 5%, but multi-family housing bolstered the sector to an increase. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, multi-family housing projects have been delayed, but with the current rental demand, most expect multi-family housing to grow.

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