Wait, The House Amber Heard Rented During The Johnny Depp Trial Cost How Much A Month?

It takes a lot for me to double take at real estate prices. I used to live in Los Angeles and am aware the housing market has been running wild lately. I also know that celebrities have different needs and expectations than many of the rest of us, but even so, I was a bit rattled by the supposed cost of the home Amber Heard was renting during the Johnny Depp trial. A new report is claiming the property fetched $22,500 a month.

The news comes courtesy of TMZ, who claims they got a hold of the contract. It reportedly didn’t include her name, but the outlet says they spoke with Heard’s alleged neighbors during the trial who said they spotted the actress coming and going alongside her daughter, sister and security detail. That contract was reportedly for $22,500 a month.

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