Tony La Russa Just Intentionally Walked a Batter with Two Strikes and Two Outs… And the Next Guy Hit a 3-Run HR (UPDATE)

Tony La Russa picked a really bad time to make one of the strangest managerial decisions you’ll ever see. After all, highly-accomplished, veteran managers (like Joe Maddon and Joe Girardi) are being fired for their performance all over the league lately. And this is about as weird as a move gets.

Here’s the scene: With two outs in the top of the sixth inning, Trea Turner stepped up to the plate against White Sox lefty Bennett Sousa, as Freddie Freeman took his lead off second base (no one was on first or third). That’s when La Russa decided to call for an intentional walk against Turner mid at-bat. Except … Turner already had two strikes and there were two outs in the inning.

Watch (and listen) to the confusion in the broadcast booth.

In other words, Sousa was one pitch away from getting out of the inning and there was no reason to set up the double play, because there were already two outs.

Well, the next batter, Max Muncy took offense to that particular choice, and sent a high fly ball over the wall in the left field for a three-run homer.

Just like that, a two-run deficit becomes a five-run deficit. I really can’t believe it.

And, seriously, Muncy did take it personally, which … LOL. Good for him.

Needless to say, White Sox Twitter is freakin’ out (understandably so!).

Although, apparently, this is not quite as rare as I would’ve guessed! (It’s still a terrible decision, particularly with two outs).

UPDATE: La Russa explained his decision after the game, and I can’t think of a reasonable response other than to laugh and laugh and laugh:

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