Should you wait for Apple’s iPhone 14 series or buy the iPhone 13 now?

It’s that time of the year again. Prices of iPhones have started to come down and there is a chance that you’re going to get either a better deal online or even offline from your local mobile phone retailer. If the dealer is desperate to sell you an iPhone, expect something extra such as a free case or an extra discount on the second-generation AirPods. What dealers won’t solve is the confusion between choosing the existing iPhone and what is yet to come.

Right now, if you ask an expert about getting an iPhone 13, you are likely to get one of two responses. Wait for a new iPhone 14 or it might be a good idea to upgrade given there are several deals in place. The latest rumors and reports on Apple’s next iPhone 14 series will come with several upgrades that will likely make it superior to the iPhone 13. However, not every feature or upgrade may change your smartphone experience.

So should you buy an iPhone 13 now or wait for the iPhone 14? Here are the reasons to buy an iPhone now as well as reasons to wait for the next iPhone.

Reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 13 lineup right now

Notch isn’t going anywhere: The standard iPhone 14 models will keep the notch in place. That would include a 6.1-inch iPhone 14 and a 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max. Meanwhile, the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models might have a hole-and-pill-shaped display. That’s going to be a key design change in order to distinguish between the Pro and non-Pro models. If that is something Apple has planned for this year’s non-Pro models, there is no reason to pick up the iPhone 14 over the iPhone 13. After all, both iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 will look identical in design.

The Apple iPhone 13 is pictured here. (Express picture)

The iPhone 13’s cameras are excellent: Sure, the iPhone 14 Pro models are rumored to get a 48MP wide-angle camera, which would allow the devices to take more detailed shots. The regular iPhone 14 will supposedly have the same 12MP sensor as seen on the iPhone 13 series. Expect minor camera improvements on the iPhone 14 series over the regular iPhone 13 but the results aren’t going to be dramatic. Of course, Apple will market the iPhone 14’s cameras as truly exceptional but that would not make the iPhone 13’s cameras any less superior.

The A15 is fast enough: The A15 chipset is fast and zippy, and it will continue to be crazy fast even after the arrival of the iPhone 14 series. With only the iPhone 14 Pro models reportedly getting the A16 chipset, we don’t see a reason to wait for the regular iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max which will come with iPhone 13’s A15 chip.

Price drop: If your phone is broken or suddenly not working, and you’ve been looking to upgrade to a premium device, buying the iPhone 13 outright is a no brainer. But if you can hold on for a few more months, either wait for the iPhone 14 to hit the stores or wait for Apple to drop the price of the iPhone 13 further. This can help you save some more money when upgrading. Keep in mind that timing is critical to buying an iPhone. And some months of the year are better than others. In terms of the best time of the year, September, October and November are safe bets.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is pictured here. (Express Photo)

Reasons to skip iPhone 13 lineup and wait for iPhone 14 series instead

Pill-shaped punch-hole display: The four iPhone 14 models are widely expected to retain the same basic design as the iPhone 13. That means flat edges and round corners for four models. The headline change for this year is a new pill-shaped punch hole to replace the notch that we’ve seen on Apple’s iPhones ever since the iPhone X in 2017. Not all four iPhone 14 models will have a new hole-and-pill display . Apple might keep these new design changes to the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, Apple’s flagship-grade iPhone models. If you were hoping to get the Pro option, then it might make sense to wait.

A render of the iPhone 14 series phone based on leaks and rumours. (Image credit: Jon Prosser/Front Page Tech)

Always-on display: This has long been due for Apple’s devices, and rumors indicate that the iPhone 14 will support this feature. An always-on display essentially means that a portion of the display is lit up, letting users glance at basic things like the time and weather, even when the phone is asleep. An Always-On display will be familiar to those who use phones from Samsung, Xiaomi and OnePlus. Apple’s own Apple Watch has an always-on display mode as well (starting the Apple Watch Series 5 and onwards).

Camera improvements: The iPhone 14 range will have Apple’s biggest increase in camera resolution in years, according to analyst and insider Ming-Chi Kuo. The iPhone 14 Pro will likely get premium camera smarts including a 48MP sensor for the wide-angle camera, which would mean higher-resolution shots from the iPhone’s primary lens. Apple has stuck with a 12MP primary camera since the iPhone 6s. The big boost is also coming to the front-facing camera, which will include autofocus, for the first time.

iPhone 14 Max: Apple might phase out the ‘mini’ model and replace it with a brand new 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max. Not only the iPhone 14 Max model will offer buyers a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 14 Pro Max but also helps Apple to cater to users in China and India. That way they won’t have to pay the higher price for the Pro variant to get the larger screen.


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