Scientists Warning Of A Mass Extinction Event On The Way

By James Brizuela | Published

Scientists can often give the world some of the best breakthroughs. However, they can also be responsible for freaking out the public just the same. A new study has been enacted with findings that sound much worse than the impending doom of an asteroid striking the planet. According to findings from a climate scientist at the Tohoku University named Kunio Kaiho, the planet will be facing a mass extinction event brought on in the new few hundred years.

The importance of these findings is that the planet has gone through mass extinction events before, however, evolution was able to catch up in the time it took for those events to take place. The biggest event took place over the course of 60,000 years, which allowed plants and animals the time to adapt to the changes. However, this new event would happen so rapidly that no species would not have ample time to evolve in a way to defend itself from the rampant temperature changes. The world has already been going through climate change issues, as certain spots around the world have been suffering from spiking heat waves that have been detrimental. Europe, for instance, has been getting hit with record heat waves. This heat has caused many people to die from the heat increase, along with wildfires becoming far more common as well.

Part of the issue with climate change is that the subject has become taboo for political figures in most elections. Former President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Agreement in 2020. However, shortly after President Biden was elected to office, he signed the United States back into the agreement. The Paris Agreement is an accord signed by many nations in the world that agrees to battle climate change, mostly because of CO2 emissions. Though there has been a structure in place to attempt to fight the issues causing rampant climate change, the platform is used every presidential election, making it seem almost like a joke. Climate change is real, and now it could bring on a mass extinction event in the next few hundred years. We won’t be alive to witness such a thing, but that is not a lot of time for any preparations to be made.

Some of the catastrophic events that have been brought on by climate change have been the occurrence of more tsunamis around the world, hurricanes, and heat waves that have destroyed parts of the planet. Now, all of that could lead to the next mass extinction event far quicker than the planet has ever seen. A few hundred years in comparison to 60,000 is a massive change. Most countries are attempting to stop CO2 emissions in vehicles in the next 25 to 50 years, but that might not be enough to reverse the damage already done.

The world is ever-changing, but people living here can do their part to ensure their children and grandchildren have a planet all their own. However, with climate change constantly being argued against and used as a platform for politics, we might not be able to fix things. Mass extinction could happen sooner rather than later.

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