Vaonis Stellina Observation Station Smart telescope review

The Stellina is like no other telescope you’ve seen. At first glance, it appears to be a smooth plastic box about the size of a small suitcase, and even when it’s in operation, there is no eyepiece to look through. This is a truly smart telescope, as revolutionary and different in design as when we compared the modern-day smartphone with a traditional landline telephone.

Stellina: Key Specs

Aperture: 80mm f/5 ED refractor

Focal length: 47.24-inches/1200mm

Field of view: 1-degree x 0.7 degrees

Camera resolution: 6.4 megapixels

Eyepiece focal length: 0.98-inches/25mm (48x)

Total kit weight: 25.8lbs/11.7kg

Mount type: Alt-azimuth

It is a purely astronomical imaging device, which might disappoint those eager to view the wonders of the heavens with their own eyes. Yet it will deliver images of objects that you could never hope to see visually, in full color, and within a matter of minutes. It is restricted to astronomical objects and will not take images during the day or when no stars are visible.

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